Per Diem Lactation Consultant-NICU Level IV

Job Description:
Responsibilities Major duties include provision of lactation consultant services to inpatient mothers on the post-partum unit and mothers of infants in the NICU.
Services include direct assessment, planning, intervening and evaluating of lactation services, development of relevant policies and procedures, education for the health team, and participation in discharge planning and follow-up activities related to lacatation consultation services.
Qualifications Ability to speak clearly and distinctly using appropriate English vocabulary and grammar.
Ability to understand oral and written directives.
Ability to read and write standard English text.
Ability to perform basic arithmetic computations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).
Demonstrate an understanding of basic medical terminology and abbreviations.
Ability to organize and prioritize work to complete assignments in a timely manner.
IBCLC certification, required 2 years of NICU Lactation Consultant Services, strongly preferred

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